08 May 2020

what is #affiliate #marketing and how does it work Digital and #Affilate #Earning System Step by Step

What is #Affiliate #Marketing and How Does it Work  Digital and #Affilate #Earning System Step by Step 

What is Affilate Marketing ? 
 Affilate Marketing is advertising system or we can say that advertising model which company compensates third party publishers helps to traffic and create leads to the company`s products and more services. the third party always generate affilates and comission fee incentivities them to find many ways to promote the company. 

Examples of Affilate company 
1. Amazon
2. Flipkart
3. Earn karo 

How many types of Affilate Marketing ?

1.Webmasters              2. Coupon blogs
3.Review blog/sites      4.  Incentive Programs
5. SMS Marketing       6. Email Marketing 
7.Affilate Searching     8. Traditional /print Media
9.Web Properties         10. Partnership & Business                                                                     Development
11.Bloging /Blogers      12. Loyalty Portals.

1. Webmaster- 
                          A webmaster is anyone who creates and manages the content and organisation of a websites ,manages related to the computer server and technical programing aspects of a website or both.
     Best example of WEBMASTER JOBS is last month we saw in world, viral infection effect to all people in india and many more countries. Because of new way for sites to highlight COVID-19 Announcements on GOOGLE Search engine. many people want to more information and right information about COVID-19 . Many countries's goverment agency sites to cover important updates like Travel, Cafe and school closures or stay at home directives. 
Today we are announcing big support for special Announceme-
nt google Search engine including new result type nad rich result . in this blog.
in blog posting  we are going to start with the 

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