06 September 2021




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Hello friends , thanks to choose my page for omre informarmation about how to earn passive income from home by elearining course .

Many more company in indian market but only 4 to 5 comany are right for this category . where you can easily invest and learn right skills. 

1. Borntowin Training Program 



4. Leadsguru


6. Digistore24

7. Click Bank

and many more available . you can select anyone and start your learning and earning anytime .

you can see some company provide reffral program which helps to earn smart income when you promote & sell  a product by reffral link..suppose some company provide eleaning course then you learn skills then you can choose Borntowin Programs. then suppose your intrest in sell online physical online products. 

BORNTOWIN  is high paying comission training program.  3 courses are available . 

Winning Pack 1. 

Winning Pack 2.

Winning Pack 3.

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Borntowin Tainings

We divide our Value able courses in 3 Packages ..details are given below 👇👇👇👇👇

1st Package

Winning Pack 1 (Rs.1499)

Course 1: Build Your Self Confidence

What will you learn from this course:

☑️ Build 100 X self confidence. Destroy the Fear. Stop being shy, avoid shyness.

☑️ State your ideas, thoughts and dreams with others without hesitation with confidence.

☑️ Feel inspired and energetic.

☑️ Learn to deal with criticism and rejection

☑️ Feel positive, energetic and enjoy life to the fullest with boosted confidence.

☑️ Feed your inner Positive voice for elevate self confidence and self esteem

☑️ Take full control of your life with improved confidence and self esteem. Discover your dreams and take steps to realize them with confidence.

Course 2: How top Speak Confidently

What will you learn from this course:

☑️ Speak more clearly, smoothly and confidently

☑️ How to destroy your fears around public speaking

☑️ Exact Strategies which build your confidence while speaking with others.

☑️ Learn body language to support your assertive verbal message.

☑️ Speak confidently and become visible in group situations.

☑️ Speak in public With Confidence And Charisma with no fear or worries.

☑️ Make your speech credible and easy to reach your audience.

Course 3: How to Develop a Growth Mindset for Success

What will you learn from this course:

☑️ Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Growth Mindset.

☑️ Unleashing the hidden power of success within you.

☑️ How to take failures lightly.

☑️ How you aware yourself for more Growth.

☑️ How you can Handle your Mistakes.

2nd Package

Winning Pack 2 (Rs. 4999)

Organic Traffic Blueprint (Generate High Quality leads Organically)

👉Generate unlimited High Quality Leads Everyday Online

👉This course is build for people who are doing :

♦️Internet Marketers

♦️Affiliate Marketers

♦️Network marketers



♦️ Brand Promoters

♦️ MLM Promoters

♦️ Influencers

Anyone who wants to sell its own products, other people or companies Products, want to build their Audience online as an Influencer and want to promote its Business or Brand online organically without investing on Paid Ads can buy this package.

❌ No Need to do Paid Ads

❌ No Need to do Solo Ads

❌ No Need to do Banner Display

❌ No need of SEO

Course 1: Personal Branding and Generate Leads Organically

What you will Learn through this course:

☑️How you build yourself as a Personal Brand.

☑️How you structure yourself as a Personal brand.

☑️How to Identify & find your Target Audience.

☑️How you get to engage with your Target Audience.

☑️How to create a Valuable content to attract your Audience.

☑️The best 3 key Elements to create a powerful content.

☑️How to use Social Media to generate quality leads.

☑️How to use Facebook Profile strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️How to use Facebook Groups strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️How to use Facebook Page strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️How to use Instagram strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️How to use LinkedIn strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️How to use Youtube strategies to generate high quality organic leads.

☑️Know the 5 type of Customer Awareness for better selling.

Course 2: Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners.

You can Learn these things given below from this course:

☑️Affiliate Marketing and its process.

☑️How to choose good niche to sell products.

☑️How to find Affiliate networks to select products.

☑️How to build landing pages to express your products.

☑️How to find best Traffic Sources.

☑️How to build Audience or generate more Leads.

☑️How to do Email follow ups.

Course 3:The Greatest landing page Guide.

You can Learn these things given below from this course:

☑️What is landing Page and its types.

☑️What are Elements to make a Greatest Landing Page.

Course 4: The Fundamentals of Attraction Marketing.

You can Learn these things given below from this course:

☑️Steps to Follow in Attraction Marketing.

☑️What are the 6 Pillars of Success in Attraction Marketing.

☑️Six steps to do Attraction Marketing.

3rd Package

Winning Pack 3 (Rs.11800)

Sales & Success Blueprint ( Bundle of 6 Courses)

Course 1 : Sales training Master Class

You can learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ What is Sales and its Pattern

☑️ How you prepare yourself for appointments.

☑️ How to build relationship with your Clients.

☑️ How to do Questioning with your clients.

☑️ How to Build rapport.

☑️ How to build a impressive body language.

☑️ How to Identify and create clients Needs.

☑️How to prescribe solutions to your clients.

☑️ How to handle objections.

☑️ How to close sales.

Course 2 : Law of Attraction Guide

You can learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ How to change your life by changing your Mind

☑️ How to harness the Power of The Universe

☑️ How to use your imagination to change reality

☑️ How to use ancient mind power techniques to manifest your desires

☑️ How to raise your vibrations

☑️ Why you should keep a positive attitude at all times

Course 3 : How to set Goals

You can learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ How exactly you can set your GOALS

☑️ How to find out your Burning Desires

☑️ How to set SMART GOALS

☑️ Categories where to set GOALS

☑️ How to make an effective planning to achieve Goals.

☑️ How to work on your beliefs and habits to achieve results fast.

Course 4 : Personal Development

You can Learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ Discover your true inner self.

☑️Strong your Belief system

☑️ How you become more Independent.

☑️ Focus on your Strengths

☑️Build up your Positive Attitude.

☑️ Increase the level of your Happiness

☑️ life changing habits and many more

Course 5 : 7 Laws of Wealth Attraction

You can learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ Manifest more money and wealth in your life

☑️ How you manifest in Abundance

☑️ how gratitude Change your Life

☑️ why you need purpose in Life

☑️ What exactly the money is

☑️ Why to live in present

☑️ How to reprogram your mind for Abundance

Course 6 : 5 Mind Hacks for Success

You can learn these things given below from this course:

☑️ The ABC’s of Goals.

☑️ How to program your mind for success.

☑️ How to use your mental power.

☑️ How to build your Self image for success

☑️ How to give right direction to your mind


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for more details message me on my FACEBOOK MESSENGER and WHATS APP me on this no.

Thank you



   I am a Digital Entrepreneur. I am looking for some people who can

join our team. You will start learning Digital Marketing and Earning

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Earning potential 10k-15k/ weekly

Work just 2to 3hours, just using your smartphone..


Learn Affiliate Marketing Skills, Learn Online Selling Skills and Learn how you can use Social Media to Earn MONEY.Join our Free Webinar (In Hindi) On How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business from Scratch & Earn more than 1 Lac Per Month.

My name is RISHIKESH.I am From INDIA..Ever since Covid has hit our planet, it’s been tough.

I’m sure you’ve battled your own share of struggles and are still working on ways to come out of all the trauma.

And in case nobody told you, Kudos to you, I am proud of you!

But have you thought, what you are going to do once the pandemic is over?

Or what would it mean for you on a personal level, growth-wise, career-wise?

With lockdowns easing up, we're all gearing up for a normal life now.

But what is really normal now?

Can life be normal after what all of us went through? Can you segue into working for your own dreams now?

With thousands of companies shutting down and millions of employees getting laid off, it’s pretty scary out there.

The words "guarantee" and "security" have taken a back seat.

Everything’s blurry and hazy.

But that doesn't mean all opportunities have abandoned us.

In fact, people on the internet are not only thriving as they used to pre-covid, but they’re doing even better, and it’s awesome.

Even a pandemic couldn't stop them and "me", from hitting our goals and living our dreams! (Yes, I am one of them, and so I speak with experience).


If you’re wondering, what I’m talking about…


Because it’s time to get on the E-Learning Self Development [health wealth] bandwagon and get your share of the pie.

Yes, I’m talking about E-Learning Self Development [health wealth] , my ride to a better life!

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Thank you for your time....

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